How do I file a Travel Delay claim on my travel insurance?

Short Answer
You should contact your insurance provider’s claims department as soon as reasonably possible to report your Travel Delay claim. You will need to fill out a claim form and submit supporting documentation for your provider to validate your claim.

More Detail
Travel Delay can provide coverage for extra expenses like meals and accommodations during a delay. Travel Delay becomes effective after your common carrier, such as an airline or cruise line, is delayed for more than 3-12 hours, depending on your policy’s requirements.

After you report your Travel Delay claim, your provider will let you know what supporting documentation they need to process your claim. Supporting documentation for a Travel Delay claim may include:

-Your original and updated itineraries

-A statement from your common carrier, such as an airline or cruise, confirming your delay, including how long you were delayed and the reason for the delay

-Receipts for additional expenses, such as meals or accommodation

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