Can I still purchase a travel insurance policy to cover Ebola?

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Short Answer

Depending on your policy, Medical and Cancellation coverage for Ebola may still be available. For travelers who want the option to cancel out of fear, the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade is the only option.


More Detail

Yes, travelers who are concerned about Ebola impacting their trip can still purchase a travel insurance policy to include benefits such as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation. If a traveler meets their policy’s requirements and their trip is impacted due to someone contracting the Ebola virus, they may be able to file a claim under at least one of these benefits.

Some policies include specific limitations or exclusions related to Ebola. To read each provider’s current position on their coverage of the Ebola outbreak, please read their official position statements here:

If a traveler would like to cancel their trip because of the fear of contracting Ebola, Squaremouth recommends purchasing a policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

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