Provider Position Statements on the Ebola Outbreak

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Updated: 11/04/2014

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the recent outbreak of Ebola as an epidemic.  Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy to review coverage details and exclusions.  In particular, customers traveling to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone should be advised that there is no coverage for any loss caused by or resulting from this epidemic.  

· Some plans and some states exclude pandemic and epidemic.  People need to read their state-specific coverage.

· There is no coverage for this event/illness for travelers heading to Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea.

Please contact CSA Travel Protection with any travel insurance questions.  

HCC Medical Insurance Services
The Atlas Travel policy offered by HCCMIS provides travel medical insurance and emergency travel assistance to members traveling outside of their home country and covers illnesses contracted while abroad, including but not limited to, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF).

While Atlas Travel coverage includes these illnesses, it is highly recommended that you check for any travel or health advisories that might be active for the region or countries that you may be visiting and take necessary precautions.

In countries for which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a Warning Level 3 (avoid nonessential travel), the medical condition that prompted the CDC warning is excluded. All other eligible medical expenses are covered as usual. For members in-country at the time of the CDC warning, 10 days are allowed for departure before the condition becomes excluded.

John Hancock Insurance Agency
With respect to coverage under the John Hancock Plans under general exclusions it states the policy does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from:

Travel to or through a city or country of Destination, as reflected in Your travel itinerary, which is under a travel warning issued by the United States Department of State at the time this insurance is purchased and the loss or delay was a direct result of the incidents surrounding the travel warning, unless You are in the United States, its possessions or the countries of Canada and Mexico

Therefore, in the case of Ebola, there would be no coverage under Trip Cancellation or Emergency Medical for travel to a destination where a travel warning is in place for that destination at the time the individual purchases the insurance.

MH Ross
If you or your travel partner contract the Ebola virus before or during your travel, and you meet the policy requirements for canceling or interrupting your trip due to sickness, our travel insurance plans may provide coverage. In fact, our policies do not include exclusions for epidemics or pandemics. 

MedjetAssist is aware of members concerns regarding the recent events surrounding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and resultant U.S. cases. At this time the evacuation of Ebola patients is being coordinated by the Federal Government under direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Due to this, medical transport services will not be provided to any member who has a diagnosis of, or is suspected of having, a Biosafety Class Level 3 (and above) pathogen as classified by either the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
As always Medjet stands ready to assist its members in dealing with these issues. It is also important during this time of year to be mindful of the upcoming cold and flu season as well as the continuing growth of the Enterovirus D68 currently effecting many children. With travel season upon us, please be mindful of taking basic precautions to protect against these issues.


Depending on your RoamRight plan, there are several ways in which a RoamRight traveler affected by the Ebola virus may have benefits:

Trip cancellation / interruption benefits occur if there is unforeseen illness of the traveler or his/her traveling companion, family member or business partner, and a physician advises cancellation of the trip.

Emergency medical care and medically necessary evacuation coverage is available if the illness occurs during your travels. This benefit also include emergency medical reunion to bring a traveler’s loved one to their location.

Should a tragic event occur, RoamRight will cover the repatriation of mortal remains.

In regards to Ebola, unless a traveler meets any of the criteria listed under the “Trip Cancellation” section of their description of coverage, trip cancellation benefits are not available.

If you have any questions, please call the RoamRight customer service team at 877-687-7170.

Seven Corners, Inc.
With respect to coverage under the RoundTrip Economy and RoundTrip Elite plans, there may be certain instances where a traveler impacted by Ebola will be covered.

Emergency medical care and medically necessary evacuation coverage is available if the illness occurs during your travels. 

As it relates to Trip Cancellation, unless a traveler meets the specified criteria listed under the Trip Cancellation section of their Description of Coverage or policy, Trip Cancellation benefits are not available.

Customers who purchase RoundTrip Economy and RoundTrip Elite plans are strongly encouraged to review coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Tin Leg
The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) and Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) have not affected the coverage offered by Tin Leg policies. Emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits remain available on the Tin Leg Economy, Standard and Luxury policies for travelers who becoming infected with Ebola while on a covered trip.

If the reported outbreak escalates, these policies will continue to offer emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits as Tin Leg does not restrict epidemics or pandemics.

Travelers who want the choice to cancel due to concern that they may contract the virus during their trip should consider the cancel for any reason coverage available in the Tin Leg Standard and Luxury policies.

Tin Leg restricts coverage to several countries that are considered high risk for an Ebola outbreak, including Liberia, Nigeria and Congo.

Travelers should contact Tin Leg’s customer service with any questions at 844-240-1233 or


Travelex insurance services sates that in order to be eligible for coverage due to EVD, the protection plan should have been purchased prior the event being foreseen (July 25th, 2014). In the event EVD causes an unforeseeable loss to occur after the effective date of the plan you have purchase coverage may be considered in the following areas: Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption Coverage, Trip Delay Coverage, Emergency Medical Coverage, 24 Hour Travel Assistance Services, and Policy Transfer Options. More information is available here.

The following travel insurance providers have not released an official position statement on the Ebola outbreak as of November 4th, 2014. 

Air Ambulance Card 

Allianz Global Assistance

APRIL Travel Protection

Azimuth Risk Solutions

CSA Travel Protection


Global Alert Administrators


Seven Corners

Travel Guard

Travel Insured International


Trawick International

USA-ASSIST Worldwide Protection


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